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What is identity theft and why is it such a big problem?

Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of personal information – such as your identity or driver’s license numbers – in order to impersonate someone else. The information can be used to obtain credit, merchandise and services in the name of the victim, or to provide the thief with false […]

Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam – SHARE TO STOP SCAM

Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam promises R9500

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The Shoprite Checkers  Gift Voucher link is a scam and Shoprite is not connected. DON’T CLICK ON THE SCAM LINK! Here is the news article about it:  PLS […]

I have bad credit – Can I apply for cash loans?

Cash loans have been the saving grace for many people strapped for cash.
Being strapped for cash when you really need it can be frustrating and problematic. It can set you back from achieving your goals and it can hold you back in life. Cash loans come in handy when you need cash for an emergency […]

Bad credit loans explained


No one plans to fall into bad debt. When taking out a loan or applying for credit, you will do so with the aim of paying the creditor back. But when finances get really tight and you begin to use credit to get through your day to day life, you could soon find yourself taking […]

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