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Looking for loans for people with bad credit? You are not alone

Having bad credit is not the end of the world. It is also not the end of your loaning opportunities. For many of those who find themselves blacklisted or marked as having bad credit, they have ended up with a bad credit reference because of a credit providers reckless loaning. In fact, these days having […]

What to consider before you apply for a bad credit loan

Do you have a bad credit score?
Did you know that as you read this you might be blacklisted? Becoming blacklisted and getting a bad credit score is not at all uncommon, in fact many people are in the credit bureau’s bad books without even realising it. It is something that happens and while it is […]

The Truth About Being Blacklisted

Are you Blacklisted? Are you Sure?

So I went to a clothing store the other day and saw so many great outfits and shoes on sale which I just had to have before everything in my size was sold out. I couldn’t afford it all on the spot, so I applied for an account and went […]

What is a bad credit loan and other terminology?

In the past, if you had a bad credit record it was almost impossible to apply for and receive a loan from a banking institution.  Today, there are different types of loans someone with a poor credit history can apply for – known as sub-prime loans.  These cover home, vehicle and personal cash loans.
Higher risk […]

I have bad credit – Can I apply for cash loans?

Cash loans have been the saving grace for many people strapped for cash.
Being strapped for cash when you really need it can be frustrating and problematic. It can set you back from achieving your goals and it can hold you back in life. Cash loans come in handy when you need cash for an emergency […]

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