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South Africans in need of payday loans listen up

Payday loans, consolidation loans, and cash loans. South Africans have instant access to them all. And with such fast loans readily available, there is no doubt that South Africans are using credit more than ever before.

Did you know that that in 2014 South Africans were found to be the biggest borrowers in the world? We were the nation spending huge amounts of loaned money, not money from financial institutions such as banks but rather loans from smaller, reputable lending companies, such as Budget Cash.

Same Day Loans are more common than you think

South Africa has roughly 23.27 million active credit users in a population of roughly 48 million citizens. This means that nearly half of the entire country is a credit user. Even our own president recently took out a loan to cover his debts.

Of those many millions of South Africans who have a credit history, around 10.5 million of them are sitting with a damaged credit score. But a bad credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. Payday loans, in particular, are readily available to those who have had financial trouble in the past and who require a loan to give them that financial helping hand when they need it the most.

In recent years, loans have become a valuable financial lifeline. But what is a payday loan?

What you need to know about this type of loan

As a microloan, these loans aren’t normally a massive sum of cash. And because it is not a huge amount, it can be quickly approved and quickly in your pocket. It is called a payday loan because you will need to pay the amount back with your next paycheck. At Budget Cash Loans, we offer these kinds of bridging loans to help you get through the month but not have to face the higher interest rates that are usually attached to bigger loans. And because they are normally small amounts, you are more likely to be approved even if you have a bad credit history.

A loan like this is fantastic for those small unexpected expenses that you really didn’t see coming. Our loans can be approved even if you only earn a small salary. As long as you have a steady income every month, you can apply for this kind of loan. That is actually the only small catch. You need to be able to pay the amount back within a small period of time.

What are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with these types of loans?

As with any kind of loan, there are some negatives and a whole lot of positives when it comes to your loan. Here are the benefits that you can expect once your loan has been approved:

  1. You have instant access to your money

And the loan is approved fast. In fact,it is an instant same day loan. The moment your background has been checked and the paperwork is in order, the money will be in the bank and you can start spending. This can be a lifesaving benefit when you need the money in an emergency. No long waiting periods mean that almost every financial crisis can be averted. The speedy access to your loan is one way that Budget Cash is making your difficult time that little bit easier.

And your money is cash, so you can withdraw the entire amount once it is approved.

  1. You can easily get such a loan

One of the biggest requirements for you to be eligible for a loan of this kind is to have current employment. Other than that necessity, a quick background check will also be done. If you are blacklisted it doesn’t mean that you will automatically have your application turned away. Our loans are meant to be used for small, unexpected financial situations and naturally, it is easier for us to approve smaller loans than it is to approve larger ones.

  1. You can spend the money on whatever you like

There are no limits on what you can spend the money on. Unlike a home loan or a consolidation loan where you need to spend the money on what the amount has been specified for, you don’t have to worry about that when you have a loan. This is what makes a this loan one of your more flexible loan options. Use it to fix your broken car, or use it to buy those necessary groceries when you have run out of money.

  1. You can enjoy plenty of convenience with a same day loan.

With a short waiting time and an easy and simple application, it is easy to apply for a this loan. In fact, to make things easier for you, you can apply for them online. Online loan applications take a few minutes to complete and submit. Once approved the money is conveniently deposited into your bank account.

When you find that your salary is not cutting it this month and you are sitting with expenses and no money to pay them, your best option could be a such a loan

At Budget Cash we have been supplying reliable loans to a variety of clients since 2002. We take pride in being able to simplify the process for those applying for loans by making sure that the entire application process is a breeze and that all of their queries are answered. When life throws you an unexpected financial curve ball, you don’t have to stress too much, reliable loans are a few clicks away.

Let us assist you in getting back onto your financially stable feet with safe, reliable loans at affordable rates. Contact us today to find out more about how you can apply for a loan. We also supply cash loans and other short term loans.