Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam promises R9500

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The Shoprite Checkers  Gift Voucher link is a scam and Shoprite is not connected. DON’T CLICK ON THE SCAM LINK! Here is the news article about it:  PLS Share it to stop the scam. 

Got a link from a friend or family member about winning R9500 from Shoprite Checkers? Don’t send it on, it is a SCAM! These companies charge you subscriptions fees and you might not be able to opt out. You also don’t stand a chance to win R9500.

That link is the Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam. This is a scam and is in no way connected to Shoprite or Shoprite Holdings. 

This article explains what happens when you open the links. Shoprite is not connected to this offer.

This scam is similar to other scams you might have received a link on, like the Pick n Pay Whatsapp Scam and the Woolworths Gift Card Scam (click on the links to read the articles about those scams and how they work).

The Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam scam starts with this message:

Congrats (your cell phone number)! Click cell phone number) to claim your R9500 Shoprite Gift Card Today! To optout sms Stop.

Don’t click on the link! If you have, and you have sent this link to others, send out this news article link, or SHARE THIS ARTICLE so the scam doesn’t go further.

If you did click, you will see this:

Shoprite Checkers gift voucher scam

You have been warned.

Shoprite has since issued a warning on it’s Facebook  page:

You can share that warning as well by sharing this post:

Shoprite Checkers


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