Are you Blacklisted? Are you Sure?


So I went to a clothing store the other day and saw so many great outfits and shoes on sale which I just had to have before everything in my size was sold out. I couldn’t afford it all on the spot, so I applied for an account and went on a crazy fitting spree… My excitement quickly turned into disappointment when my application was denied and a massive red “BLACKLISTED” warning appeared on the screen…

My jaw dropped and I was flabbergasted! How did that happen, and how did I not know about it?
It turned out that an old clothing account – which I had cancelled – had a separate funeral policy which I did not cancel and they continued to bill me every month. Of course, my phone got stolen in the meantime and they didn’t have my new number, so I haven’t been to the post box in a long time. Needless to say, I was not aware of the ridiculous amount of debt which has been accumulating on my name.

In this day and age, people can rarely afford medical aids, not to mention coughing up large sums of money to pay off debt. I looked around for a money lending company that could help me out, but to no avail.

My credit record was spotless, or so I thought, up until a few days ago, now I’m faced with all the drama and complications that comes with being blacklisted; I am no longer able to qualify for any form of credit, and worst of all is that I was not even aware of the fact.

Once I tracked down the source of my frustrations, I could not believe how long the debt has been accumulating and I did not know where to turn.

Most companies do credit checks before lending you money or giving you financing for anything, and I understand that these regulations are in place for a good reason. Legal steps have to be taken to prevent people with a bad credit record to make even more debt.

Blacklisted I was just highly frustrated with the whole situation because I am diligent when it comes to paying off my debt, but all my efforts to maintain a good credit score was destroyed by this incredibly annoying funeral policy. There are so many people out there who has fallen into the same blacklisted boat as I did, and we should receive some leniency when it comes to taking out loans to pay off debt.

Luckily, my debt has not yet been handed over to lawyers, because then a judgement would probably have been granted against me. This could all have been avoided, had I gone to check my post, but with everything being reverted to electronic post and notifications, I have been forgetting all about my post box lately.
Long story short, I was blacklisted without my knowledge and I desperately needed to do something about it before it got any worse…

After doing my research, I decided that Budget Cash, a money lending company for people who are blacklisted, was my best option. They pay out loans of up to R3000 and their interest rate is only 5% a month!

I paid off most of my debt and arranged for the rest to be paid off monthly, now all I need is self-control and to avoid any and all clothing stores until all my debt is paid off. Thank you, Budget Cash.