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Budget Cash & Cellular was founded in Nelspruit in 2002 and it has since grown into other areas of the province to provide cash loans, blacklisted loans and personal loans for people with bad credit, as well as a number of other services with regards to the lending of cash. We aim to make cash in the form of short-term loans available to people as quickly and as conveniently as possible so that they have a solution to their financial problems. Our quick financial loans are designed to help you out when unexpected financial situations are presented. At the moment, we have 8 branches around the Lowveld which provide all types of loans, including loans for blacklisted clients and loans for people with bad credit. Our loans are reliable and secure, we keep the best interests of the client in mind when we enter into loan agreements. We don’t want you to be in a difficult financial situation which is why we offer short term loans only, we don’t want you to be dependent on loans in order to survive.

Protecting you

At Budget Cash and Cellular, we are committed to following the rules laid out by the law. We follow the guidelines which were set by the National Credit Act. Our company is registered as a credit provider and we comply with a number of standards and norms that govern and control this industry. To protect ourselves and to reduce the risk that is involved with the loaning of money we do credit checks on all of those who apply but this does not mean that you cannot apply for a loan if you are blacklisted. We have a number of options for those who have bad credit. We want to protect those who are having trouble repaying their debt by not giving them more debt that they cannot pay back. We will only charge interest rate fees that are prescribed by the law. This means that we will only add interest rates that are fair and that you will be able to pay back within a reasonable amount of time. We have no surprises with our loans, the amount that we agree on is the amount that you will pay, and there will be no surprises when it comes to making the payments. We want to find a solution that will work for you and so we take into consideration what financial situation you are in. At Budget Cash and Cellular, we want to create a situation where you will win.

Easy applications

We aim to make your loan application as easy as possible, whether it is blacklisted loans, bad credit personal loans, loans for acquired bad credit, overall bad credit loans or any other loan type, which is why we require minimum paperwork and have an easy to use online loan application process. Budget Cash and Cellular will always advise clients to only loan amounts which that they are confident that they will be able to pay back. This is for your benefit as you will then never have to worry about not being able to pay back the loaned amount. The last thing that you want to do is have to take out another loan to be able to pay back the first loan that you took out. We have the healthy financial solutions for you.

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